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Information — Parts, spares, technical details

Basically, this is all the stuff that doesn't fit in another section. Most of all, while the rest of the site is more of a reference work, this is about actually owning and using a Star firearm. Not entirely, but mostly. Because of this vague definition, expect things to move in and out of this section.

Dealers of Spares & Accessories for Star Pistols

Spares for old and out of production firearms are frequently very difficult to find. Especially with many Stars being less than totally popular in the US, this is a particular difficulty. Magazines are mostly very easy to find, just do a web search for your model name or number, browse a gun show or visit your local gun shop.

Springs & Buffers

W.C. Wolff Gunsprings

Everyone should replace any potentially bad springs with new springs from W.C. Wolff Company. They also have optional over or under factory power springs for some applications.

P.O. Box I
Newton Square, PA 19073-0458
Orders: 1-800-545-0077 (Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30 EST)
Information: 1-610-359-9496
I and many others I know have ordered from W.C. Wolff and received excellent service. They invariably have excellent products.

Jack First, Inc.

The PD requires a buffer to operate safely, and without damaging the frame. As far as I know, this is the only current maker of these. Replace the buffer each time the recoil spring is replaced.

1201 Turbine Drive
Rapid City, SD 57703

Gun Parts Corporation

The (Numrich) Gun Parts Corporation is almost always the best place to start for any gun parts. Calling is still a good idea, but they finally got a decent online catalog. Check it out at


SARCO frequently advertises one part or another in their advertising or at They have cleaning rods, new Star Super barrels, magazines for the B-Super and other stuff.

However, they also apparently bought most or all of Interarms' stock when they dropped the Star line. The items are not inventoried, so are not listed, but like most of these parts suppliers, if you call and ask they will look for the item for you. This includes parts for the PD, BM, BKS, BKM, Models 30, 31, Firestar, Ultrastar and others. Sarco is a generally nice place, and everyone gets good service from them.

Sarco also carries complete firearms, in quantity from imports and so on. They change their stock regularly, so to find out what they have look for Star pistols on the handgun list. I would also call if you are interested in other guns or need more details.

323 Union St.
Stirling, NJ 07980
1-908-647-3800 (8 am-4:15 pm EST)

Bob's Gun Parts

Lots and lots of stuff, by mail order only. Suppoedly he bought a lot of the Interarms stock when Star went out of business, so items tend to be new, and in Interarms packaging, which is nice. Since the site is a bit badly organized, here's your direct links to items of interest to Star owners:

  • Stocks for almost every classic era Star pistol. A dozen or so are actually shown in photos, so you get to see what you are buying first, which is unusually nice. Some neat stuff like flat panels for the model S, if you are tired of that stupid GCA-68 "sporting purposes" thumbrest.
  • Magazines
  • Everything Star he has, including the above categories, but not as nicely presented. Plenty of spare parts for classic series guns.
P.O. Box 200
Royal, AR 71968
Phone: (9am to 4pm CT weekdays only) 501-767-1970
Fax : (24x7) 501-767-1970

Historical Parts

If you still cannot find parts for your older Star pistol, try sending some mail to this place: They mostly carry WWII German parts, but also have parts for most Spanish rifles and the Star model A pistols. Inventory changes frequently, so be sure to ask if they have the parts you are looking for.

Joe Lowe Clips & Mags

Joe Lowe carries a wide selection of magazines, including a whole section for Star pistols. The day I put this up he had mags for the Firestar and Firestar Plus (13-round!), 45 Megastar, 9 Ultrstar and PD among others. Also interesting was a selection of the +1 mags for Firestars. I think they are all used, but in good shape.


Marstar stocks a variety of parts for Models A, B, and P.

Orders: 1-888-744-0066
Information: 1-613-678-3173
Fax: 1-613-678-2359

John Colomb

He stocks parts for B-Supers

John Colomb
9803 Plum Ridge Drive
Houston, TX 77064
Phone: 713-937-7187

4S Brand Gunstocks

4S Makes a variety of custom stocks for a lot of guns, including Star models A, B, C, P, AS, BS, PS, Super A, Super B, Super P, BM, BKM, BKS and S. Readers report good luck with the products every time. If you want something, go to the website and use the order form. Unlike most places, calling is apparently no good for ordering, though I'm sure they'll be happy to talk to you.

4S Brand
425 Wichita St.
Lockhart, Texas 78644
Phone: 512 398-2106

Other Ways to Find Spare Parts

Try asking the local gunsmith. Don't know one? Ask a local gun shop, as they probably do. They are very resourceful, and either know all the tricks, or sometimes can just make you the part you need. If something critical cracks in half, don't loose it. The gunsmith might be able to weld it back together or make a new one based on looking at the broken part.

A number of gunsmiths buy the remainder of guns demilled by local police departments (I gather this is increasingly not allowed, however). I once got a complete M30M slide for $35 (I don't have it anymore, don't ask). They might not even know what they have, so if they have a pile of parts, drive on over and look at it.

And I want to reiterate again, the gun industry is really very friendly. Call up the local places. Call up the big parts suppliers. They have lots more than will ever be in any catalog, and if they don't have it they might just know who does if you talk to them long enough.

Spanish Gunsmiths

Many Spanish gun shops and gunsmiths bought Star parts or partly completed guns when they went out of business, either as lots direct from the factory auction, or through larger dealers who bought most of this stuff. One of our readers knows this shop, if still there, did this and had a large stock of such parts a few years ago
Armeria Alonso Ezcurdia
97 Bajo Interio
33203 Gijon Asturias
Tel. +34 985-130505

Custom Parts

One of our readers suggests Josef Dlask for those hard to find parts. He made a Firestar extractor just by looking at the slide. Munch pricierr than typical spares, but cheaper than a new gun so if that's your only option... Expect some turnaround time as well.

Dlask Arms Corp.
202B - 1546 Derwent Way
Delta, BC V3M6M4
Phone: 604-527-9942
Fax: 604-527-9982

They also have offices in the US and Europe, so this applies to more than just the Canadian readers.

Hardware Store Solutions

As parts dry up, I suspect this section will get bigger.

  • Grip Screws – Known to work on the model B, but probably on the A, P, and many others as well. The panels can be secured with 3.5x6x6 metric screws, though reports are they are bit long so need to be filed to clear the magazine when done. Be careful with head selection. If you skulk around industrial suppliers you may be able to find ones wide enough to fit, look right and not damage the grip panels as well.

Star Pistol Classifieds

Here you might find the part you want. I am gonna post up a few items other readers have and want to get rid of. Send all postings to me at Please make sure its a Star part. If not, I'll toss it.

  • I just acquired a complete slide & barrel assy marked: "BONIFIACIO ECHEVERRIA-ELIBAR (ESPANA) *STAR* CAL9M/M 38" with crowned P proof marks and number 84 3 stamped on the firing pin housing extrusion bottom. It is is fair condition, shows little use but age and appears in serviceable condition. It is an early MD Model with the fire control selector in the right side rear slide. It is lacking the tangent sight tension spring. I would like to try to find the missing parts to make it servicable, but might consider selling it if this is not possible.

Finding a Holster for Your Star Pistol

This is a brief list of friendly holster makers, most with websites. I haven't checked most lately, but when posted they all either have holsters for Star pistols in stock or will make custom holsters. Most who do not do custom work only make holsters for some more common models, such as the PD and Firestars.

The more generic/cheap the holster or maker, the more likely an incorrect gun will fit. Firestars and most decent-sized B & P series Stars will fit in 1911 or High-Power holsters. And lots of places make very generic belt slides. However, the more generic the less secure or comfortable to carry.

The top quality custom places are well worth the money and the wait. If you do decide to get one, a note about the wait. Most of them are small shops, so please don't panic when they say they will ship in 12-14 weeks. That's just how it goes. Plan ahead.

  • Kramer Leather — Generally considered sorta between Galco and the custom makers. Good, but not as much an heirloom item. I and some friends have several good holsters from here. They also do still list several Star models as available, inlcuding the megastar. My huge, heavy Megastar was perfectly comfortable in an MSP.
  • Milt Sparks — A good US leather holster maker. I have, and love, my Executive (EX-RSO, specifically) for the Firestar Plus. I would like to note that they didn't bat an eye at making me an M243 holster, which is a good thing.
  • Galco — Middle of the road, better than Uncle Mikes. Available at most decent gun shops as well, though probably not the model you want. Several generic models, such as the belt slides for 1911s and High Powers will work for Star A, B, P and Firestars. I would note that they are priced the same as top-quality holsters, so usually ordering from the custom places is better.
  • Andy Arratoonian - Horsheshoe Leather — Andy makes probably the best leather in the world. I finally saved up and got one, and must say its lives up to the reputation. Being custom, I'll bet he can make for almost any gun you care to ask about. Also a nice guy so drop him an email or call him up.
  • Ted Blocker Holsters — Ted and Jean Blocker have been making holsters since 1972, with some notably influential movie and TV rigs, including the much copied shoulder holster for Miami Vice. They have molds for at least the Firestar line, and are generally nice folks so are worth calling up and asking about other guns.
  • Kydex is a slightly flexible thermally-molded plastic. Its sold in big sheets and then molded around either a blank or your gun in a big vacuum forming machine. Very long wearing stuff that you will probably have for the rest of your life. Some people object to them for various reasons, and if you have no experience, run some Google searches or ask around. Kydex is cheaper than most any other type of holster of similar quality. I have personally gotten a holster custom molded for my M31, and if you have a strange gun, this is probably the way to go. It is a perfect fit without spending hundreds of dollars trying to get custom leather.
    • Raven Concealment is an innovative maker of Kydex holsters and pouches of all sorts. They are, I hear, open to any sort of custom order and seem to be the best bet for that sort of work these days. They exhibit at many gunshows, so check for them at your local one, but email or call if you want to find out more right now.
      Phone: 440-465-7111 M-Friday 10-7 ET